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For the last 15 years (and maybe more), I have kept my tickets to every single show I went to. I know it sounds a little weird, and maybe I am, but for some reason it was hard for me to throw them away. After all, it was all that remained (physically) of that great time I had. I always thought that I would one day put them in a book, and write my own review of the show. Well, fifteen years later, I still haven’t done that and chances are I never will.

Yesterday night, I was sitting at the Metropolis, chatting with my wife, waiting for the show to start. Then I had this idea : “Instead of collecting all that, why don’t I just start my own blog, where I could share my thoughts about this show I just saw”. That was it. I had to do it. So here I am today, writing my first blog ever. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

So it was 8 PM on Sunday, May 2nd when the lights went out. I knew nothing about the opening act, except that they were called Death Vessel. Or maybe I should have said HE was called Death Vessel. A tall skinny man with long dark hair enter the stage. Alone. He grabbed his acoustic guitar and started singing. If I had close my eyes, I would have been sure it was a female singing. The funniest thing is when he spoke between the songs, he actually had a low voice. It was not only that he was singing high, the tone was also really female-ish. He played for 30 minutes before he left the stage. I am not sure what I think now about it. It was definitely not bad, but not the kind of music I am really into. I would have to listen to him again sometime. The crowd seemed to like him as he was nicely applauded when he left the stage.

During the next 30 minutes, you could definitely feel the excitement growing. Everybody was eager to see Jonsi take the stage. Around 9 PM, my wife told me: “they’re going to start in 5 seconds. I just had the time to answer: “how’d you know?” and the lights faded. The stage was nice, with some kind of glass boxes. It was quite crowded  with all the instruments laying around: the drumset, 2 organs, a big xylophone, just to name a few. I didn’t know what to expect as I never seen Sigur Ros live. It was with Kolnidur, the second song, that the show really kicked off. It was awesome. I just can find the words to describe it. The music what so intense, and the projections were amazing. It was so beautiful.

From that moment, until the end of Grow Till Tall at the end of the encore, the show never lost of it’s intensity and of it’s beauty. I would say that as much as I like the album, it doesn’t make justice to Jonsi and is art. On the album, my favourite songs are the ones that are more fast-tempo, like Boy Lilikoi, Go Do or Animal Arithmetic. But live, it is the softest songs that really sent shivers down my spine. To me, the strongest moment of the show were without a doubt Kolnidur and Grow Till Tall. That last song ended in a bigger-than-life wall of sound that left us all begging for more. I couldn’t have expected a bigger finale.

Jonsi was surrounded by 4 excellent musicians. I was particularly impressed by the drummer. In fact, it might be a little reductive to call him the drummer because he actually played more that drums. We saw him on the xylophone and on the organ as well. I always appreciate seeing non-traditional instruments in a rock show, or to see traditional instruments played in a non-traditional manner. So I have to say that I found it really interesting to see the drummer play on the xylophone with bows. Beautiful.

All I can say is that Jonsi is one of those artists that, apart from giving a great musical performance, really transported me in is own universe. Like living a dream, but wide awake. I was not sitting in the Metropolis anymore. For an hour an a half, I visited Jonsi’s world. Thank you very much Jonsi.

  1. perhaps says:

    Thanks for your review! (Actually, I don’t want to sound nitpicky but Hengilas was the second song, and Kolnidur was the fourth song.) I really agree with you about how Kolnidur and Grow Till Tall were the most powerful songs of the evening. I was actually shaking during the entire first half of the show, and I shed a few tears during Stars in Still Water, Hengilas, Kolnidur and Tornado. :’) The visuals during Lilikoi Boy were also stunning, weren’t they? I have to say that this is the best show I’ve ever been to, and it will be very hard to surpass. 🙂

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