Mogwai will never die

Posted: March 4, 2011 in CD
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What a nice surprise to discover that Mogwai, the Glasgow-based rock band, was offering us the gift of a new Album. Even nicer to see that they will also follow with a tour, that will bring them to Montreal in May.

I have been a fan for 3 or 4 years, after a friend of mine made me listen to Haunted By a Freak. That was it. He then convinced me to go see them live. I new very few songs, but I was blown away by the show. They really transorted me into their sound-walled universe.

So, it’s with a lot of excitement that I put their latest CD, Hardcore will never die but you will, in my CD player (yes, call me a dinosaur if you will, but I still love my CDs). Once again, they didn’t disapoint me.

Let’s start by saying that this is not a “remake” of their previous album, as some bands would do. The mood is quite different that what they offered previously. I have to say that at the first listen, I didn’t notice as much hooks as on the previous album. No Christmas steps, no Haunted by a Freak, no Batcat. However, the more I listen to it, the more it grows inside of me.

Everything is there to make an amazing rock album. Great drum beats (White Noise for example), killer fuzz (Rano Pano), nice melodies (well…all tracks), funky song titles (You’re Lionel Richie), and even a song that has this Joy Division kind of vibe (Mexican Grand Prix).

Hi highly recommand this record. Better yet, check out their website at and find out when they play near you. I guarantee that this is an experience you won’t forget soon.


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