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First off, I’d like to apologize. I haven’t written in a long time. I’ll seriously try to be more constant in the months to come.

So, here we come to the subject. Last week, I finally bought the latest CD from Death Cab For Cutie. It was after I saw their peeformance at Conan O’Brian’s show.

I first discovered Death Cab For Cutie in 2005, with their alblum Plans. I ‘ve been, like many other people, seduced by Soul Meets Body. In 2008, I followed them on their Narrow Stairs. I liked the new direction I was hearing there. They were not stearing in a totally different direction, just slowly exploring new paths. I kind of lost track of what they did after that, so when I pressed “play” I discovered something really interesting.

Home Is A Fire, the opening track, is probably my favorite. It’s jazzy cymbal shuffle, it’s
Structure, the sounds. It seems like the new path they started exploring on Narrow Stairs is now pushed to a higher level. The first comparison that came to my mind was Radiohead. Not that it sounds as Radiohead, but it kind of reminded of their evolution between The Bends and OK Computer. But at the same time, if you’re already a fan, you’re in common groundss too. I mean, they explore a bit, but the essence is still there.

I still need a few listens to fully appreciate the album, but I know for sure that it will get a lot of plays on my ipod this summer. It’s one of those “suprise” album that just goes beyond your expectations.<a