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I really like listening to new music and discovering new bands. It’s one of my little pleasures in life. Lately, I have come across two bands that I would like to share with you. I can’t really say they’re new bands, but at least they’re new to me.
The first one is from London and they’re called The Boxer Rebellion. This indie rock band is not a new-comer as they’ve been releasing music since 2003. But it was the first time I heard about them. I have been listening to their latest album, The Cold Still, released in the beginning of 2011.

Their music is really interesting. I have to say that the more I listened to the album, the more I liked it. I believe it’s the kind of album that you have to learn to love, but most of the times those are the albums that stick with you a long time. I find it hard to describe their music, but I think that the “indie rock” label fit them well. To give you an idea of what they sound like, they reminded me of bands like The National, Sleeping at Last and Shearwater. But don’t get me wrong. They are not a copy of any of those bands. I was just trying to give you an idea of the vibe. I believe the best is probably to give them a try and see by yourself.

My favorite track of the album is called Caught By The Light. When the full band enters, 1 minute and 15 seconds to the end of the song, it literally send shivers down my spine.

The second band I discover recently (today to be more precise) is The Wooden Birds. They are from Texas and have been around since 2009 with the release of their first record, Magnolia. The band is led by Andrew Kenny, known for his work with The American Analog Set, as well as contribution with Social Broken Scene and some collaboration with Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie. The only thing I can say for now about them is that I love them. I haven’t listen to a lot of their music yet since I discovered them today, but I just love them. You got to listen to their song called Two Matchsticks. It is REALLY good. You will most likely hear more about them on my blog later.

That’s it for today. I hope you liked the music I presented you. Feel free to leave comments and new music suggestions.


One of the most exciting news I had this spring was that The Tea Party were back together for a summer tour, 6 years after they broke up. To me, the Tea Party is amongst the most interesting Canadian bands. This tour was to stop in Montreal on July 7th 2011.

So, last thursday, we went to the Metropolis in Montreal, to see that show that we were really looking forward to. The opening act was a Canadian band called The Reason. Even though I didn’t know them, they’ve been around since 2003. For me, it was a really nice discovery. They delivered around 40 minutes of finely crafted rock songs with catchy melodies. Moreover, at the end of their set, they played a cover of one another Canadian band that I love a lot: Sloan. That was enough, they got me in their pocket. You can watch a video of this here.

Then came what we were all waiting for: The Tea Party. After just a few minutes, it was clear that their 6 years break wasn’t enough for them to lose anything. For those who have never seen them live, it’s amazing how a trio can sound so full and thick. And that is still true today.

There was something in the air that night. Some kind of excitement. You could feel that the crowd have been waiting for this moment for a long time. They opened the show with Writing’s on the wall, followed by The Bazaar. After this song, Jeff Martin said to us something like:
“Writing’s on the wall that The Tea Party is back, and it’s not going away anytime soon”. That was it. The audience was set on fire.

They delivered over 16 of their greatest songs, with all the energy that you could expect from them. You could actually see and feel that they were as excited to be back together as we were to see them back. And as usual, Jeff Martin had us sing on some songs, as Save Me, Release or Heaven Coming Down. The crowd was pleased. I was too.

For those interested in that kind of details, the setlist was ( maybe I forgot a song or two, but it should be pretty accurate):
– Writing’s On The Wall
– The Bazaar
– Lullaby
– Psychopomp
– The Messenger
– Fire In The Head
– Correspondance
– Heaven Coming Down
– Sun Going Down
– Halcyon Days
– Save Me
– Release
– Temptation
Encore break 1
– The River
Encore break 2
– The Badger
– Sister Awake / Paint It Black

To see some videos of the performance, you can go here.

Now that they shown us hey can still rock, they left me wanting for more. I am so looking forward to hearing new material. Please, give us a new record soon.